SEL that WORKS because it's IMMERSIVE

SEL that WORKS because it’s IMMERSIVE

TEAMology’s immersive SEL framework usses our 4 C’s (Culture, Characters, Context, Curriculum) to create an environment where learning opportunities for foundational emotional skills are pervasive throughout the day and continually reinforced while learning other traditional hard skills.

Building Successful Team CULTURE

TEAMology’s immersive SEL framework can be applied at an early age, weaving a holistic framework into the daily activities and lessons through curriculum, context and reinforcing learning aids that consistently span all subject matter throughout grades K-8. We leverage technology with the goal of facilitating human interaction by incorporating a mix of digital and physical engagement tools designed to maximize effectiveness. In order to accomplish this we uniquely integrate three critical elements of Characters, Context and Curriculum to achieve an effective, flexible, sustainable outcome.

CHARACTERS aren’t just Mascots

Each is built around a interconnected foundational skillset that benefit SEL, school climate and career readiness. Those skillsets are brought to life with each character’s research-backed personality (message) that reflects a unique culture, skillset and career path. Lessons also benefit from interrelationships between the characters that exemplify the potential of team building toward overall success. The sustained relatability enabled through characters aging with the student from elementary to middle school creates a long term foundation where students more easily accumulate increasingly strong skill sets through their continual reinforcement.

Lessons are CONTEXT, Not Just Content

More importantly, they benefit from the personalities built around our character which makes it particularly easy to teach otherwise difficult to acquire abstract soft skills through real world, real time events inside and outside of school. This context makes TEAMology an ideal vehicle to accompany nearly all subjects and topics because the common language simplifies learning more broadly across subject areas and reinforces concepts frequently through self-reflection, resulting in more sustainable efforts across the board, not just with TEAMology specifically.

CURRICULUM That Integrates Everywhere

The relatability and context created through TEAMology is portable across curriculums and programs. Because of this TEAMology can uniquely initiate an SEL program or, complement other existing programs. Its alignment with existing programs such as ESSA, MTSS, & PBIS to improve cohesiveness and simplify implementation. We have also designed character-based engagement items such as t-shirts, posters, card decks and other items that become invaluable in reinforcing key lessons, amplifying team culture or proving entertaining rewards.