Historically, career education has been a focus of secondary education to provide middle and high school students with guidance around their options post-graduation. The introduction of ESSA expanded the view of career education to emphasize K-8 as well. Progressive schools today have a new view of what it means to be “career ready” and they realize that social and emotional competencies play a big role in employability.  Even with this realization, schools need support in identifying how to help prepare students for post-secondary success and how to make social and emotional skill-building an important area of emphasis when exploring careers and employment options. 

This PD workshop will examine what a comprehensive career readiness program can look like, beginning in elementary school, and how an integrated approach that combines academics, careers and SEL skills can boost a student’s likelihood for employment success.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to teach interconnected life skills, tied to students’ future careers, to promote student success
  • Understand how to make the important connections, for students, between the skills they are learning and their futures
  • Learn practical strategies and lessons they can use to integrate SEL and career


6 Hour, Full Day – $3,000
3 Hour, Half Day – $2,000

2 Hour, VIRTUAL – $1000


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