Characters should be more than just Mascots. Ours are centered on SEL Foundations.

Our Unique Characters Focused on SEL Foundations

Our unique characters each embody one of our main SEL foundations and give students a model for how to utilize these crucial life skills. They help students relate the importance of SEL skills into their lives in and out of school. Each character’s symbol allows younger students to easily grasp these concepts. Initially, the characters appear as elementary age children. As students get older, the characters age with them.

Ruby Resiliency Platform screen shot




Join us on October 30, 2020!We are hosting a virtual fireside chat!

What kind of impact will innovation make on the emotional wellness of our students? That’s what we’re looking to explore during this 2 hour fireside chat. We have a panel of experts ready to discuss how we can make sure our students are emotionally ready to handle the future.

  • 10/30/2020
  • 9:30AM-11:30AM
  • Free