Empathetic people are generally happier, more productive and healthier. Helping others makes students feel good about themselves. Human connection has been shown to help people overcome trauma, pain and grief. 

To break it down further, teaching students the importance of helping others, how to do so and building their empathy can help them build stronger, healthier relationships, have a better sense of security, have improved mental health and improve acceptance amongst all students. This will naturally decrease bullying and set students up for better futures. As adults they will have more success in their careers because they will understand their colleagues better, they will have lower levels of overall stress, have healthier, long lasting relationships and be more likely to find success in leadership positions.

This PD workshop will explore the emotional aspect of empathy and how improving students’ understanding of their emotions and the emotions of others can increase their emotional regulation and increase instances of students helping each other and looking for ways to help the community at large. A TEAMologist will review ideas and research behind the importance of compassion and empathy in all students and how helping others is an essential skill that can lead to acceptance, kindness and good citizenship.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to encourage helpful behaviors among all students and teach them how simple acts of kindness can be contagious.
  • Learn how to create a culture of students who look out for each other instead of only looking out for themselves
  • Gain an understanding of the many skills learned through helping and how each skill is important for successful futures
  • Leave with strategies they can use and lessons to teach and reinforce helping others.


6 Hour, Full Day – $3,000
3 Hour, Half Day – $2,000

2 Hour, VIRTUAL – $1000


14 + 12 =

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