In this episode, we discuss SEL & Equity with some amazing guests:
Shileste Overton Morris is the director of the Center for Schools and Communities, a statewide training and consulting organization that improves educational and life outcomes for children and their families.
Overton Morris has worked at and with public and private institutions including nonprofit organizations, foundations and state government agencies building strategic partnerships and leading innovations. She serves on national, state and local boards and has authored several publications to help clinicians, parents and youth development staff work with adolescent girls regarding female aggression. Overton Morris has a strong repertoire in topics related to parent engagement, marginalized populations and issues focusing on cultural competence, equity and education leadership. She is pursuing her doctorate in educational leadership at Shippensburg University.
Carol Paxton Director of The Center for the Promotion of SEL has worked in education for 25 years. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science from the University of Virginia and a master’s in Reading Education from the University of North Texas. Most recently, Carol has collaborated with state departments of education, teachers and higher education faculty to create and implement content exams and portfolio assessments for teacher and administrator licensure.
The focus of Carol’s research has been on the analysis and improvement of social and emotional support processes influencing high-quality educational outcomes and the role of teachers in these dynamic systems. She has co-authored publications exploring correlations between perceptions of collective teacher efficacy, and relational trust among school staff, with observed instructional performance in the classroom. Carol’s interest in the social and emotional competencies of both students and school staff stems from her past experiences as an elementary and middle school educator.
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