SEL and Parenting

Hello Parents!

I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy during this incredibly challenging time. These last couple of months have been so difficult as we navigate this brand new world of uncertainty, crazy sanitizing, staying at home and trying to make sure our kids are getting everything they need. It’s A LOT to manage! I’m a mom and can totally relate to those of you who have been trying to balance work and parenting at the same time, full-time. I’ve never been more tired in my life! It’s been interesting to say the least, but it’s also given me an opportunity to connect in a different way with my kids. As parents, we have the opportunity to teach our kids tremendous life lessons during this time. Social emotional learning couldn’t be any more important than what it is right now in this moment. Our kids need to understand how we are coming together as a world and how we are going to come out of this stronger than ever! We at TEAMology want to give you some tools and resources to open up the dialogue and connect with your kids! So be well and take care of each other…and have a little fun while doing it.

Linsey, TEAMology Founder and CEO

Resources for Home

Check out the TEAMology Connection Cards! This web-based app provides prompts and activities to connect with your kids through Social Emotional Learning. It’s a fun and easy way to create a family TEAM. You will talk through foundational topics such as Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving, Resiliency & Leadership. You never know what you will learn from each other!

Connection Cards