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It’s so critical to support and promote social, emotional, and mental fitness that we are committed to making resources available at no cost.

On this page, you’ll find videos and lesson plans we created with our Partner WQED in Pittsburgh. Further, we’ve included links to our two short activity resources built for use on mobile devices – Cards In The House (designed for educators) and Connection Cards (designed for parents).

WQED Resources


Amelia’s super strength is acceptance, which means recognizing and celebrating all differences. Amelia helps kids understand how important it is to be respectful to everyone.


Harper’s super strength is helping others, which is the ability to service others in school, at home, and in the community.


Lamar’s super strength is leadership, which can be explained as the combination of helping others, making positive changes, being accepting of others, using good problem solving skills, and showing resilience.


Paco’s ssuper strength is positive change, which is the ability to make changes that help you be a better person, help others be better people and help the community be a better place.


Philo’s super strength is problem solving, which is using positive strategies to solve a problem or conflict.


Ruby’s super strength is resiliency, which is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Ruby helps students understand they can overcome obstacles and tough times.

At the library with Harper & Paco

TEAMology characters, Harper and Paco lend a little assistance at the local library! Learning to read and learning from mistakes is packaged with fun.

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It’s going to be alright with Amelia & Philo

TEAMology characters treat the topics of bullying and problem solving! Amelia demonstrates the power of the bystander, while Philo helps with a puzzling pet predicament.

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Bounce back with Ruby & Lamar

Resilience and Leadership are important concepts for all ages. Ruby helps restore a broken friendship, as Lamar helps a journalist become a great reporter and leader!

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Never Alone with Amelia & Lamar

Bullies can hurt our feelings but Amelia shows us how writing our feelings can help. Lamar shows us how valuable our time is and how to use it wisely.

Stay positive with Harper and Paco

Harper stays positive and helps the songwriters hit the right note. Philo’s problem solving helps the  animals live comfortably at the zoo.

Really Big Mistake with Paco & Ruby

Paco and Ruby show us how to learn from our mistakes and make them right.

Other Lesson Plans and Resources

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TEAMology Character Info

TEAMology Coloring Book

Building My Unique House

Grounding Exercise

Heart of the Handy Helper

Marshmallow Team Challenge

Positive Change for Our School

Rolling Respect Lesson

Fun Resources for Home & School

Check out the TEAMology Connection Cards (for home) and the TEAMology Cards in the House (for school)! These web-based apps provide social and emotional prompts and activities to connect with your kids. It’s a fun and easy way to create a family or classroom TEAM. You will talk through foundational topics such as Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying & Acceptance, Problem Solving, Resiliency & Leadership. You never know what you will learn from each other!

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