Harper is one of the most popular of the TEAMology characters – for good reason. She represents the Project TEAM SEL foundation of “Helping Others”, but teachers can dive so much deeper than just “being nice”. Let’s take a look at how else Harper can help your students.

Many of Harper’s lessons ask students to show kindness and to help each other. Students easily pick this up and are able to say nice things and help, especially with their friends. The harder part of this lesson comes when teaching kindness or empathy to people we don’t know, or even harder, people we don’t necessarily like.

Think about your workplace. Are you best friends with every single person on your staff? If you are, you are an amazing person! Odds would tell us, though, that you work with at least one person who you might disagree with often, or irritates you in some way. Do you go around and say mean things or treat them badly because you don’t like them? We hope not! In order to reach your staff’s goals – it’s important to show kindness and respect to everyone.

This is where the team-based approach really helps students to understand kindness and respect for ALL. Even though a student may not be BFFs (best friends forever) with EVERYONE, it’s important they all work together respectfully to achieve their class goal. 

Another way to reinforce the behavior traits is by using the career pathway lesson plans. Harper’s career pathway is “Human Services”. A great activity for your students might be to brainstorm what jobs or professions include helping others and showing kindness. To reiterate the point from above, the question: “Do nurses only help their friends or do they help anyone that needs it?” and hammer home the point that you don’t need to be best friends in order to help them.

We love to celebrate Harper and helping others and we hope you do too! Our world needs kindness, respect and empathy maybe more now than ever.


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