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Sustainable success requires more than just tools to measure success. It requires the research, curriculum, content, environment, community, materials and expertise to deliver that success in the first place. Those are turnkey resources incorporated into Teamology, so you can set your team up for success.

In addition to the platform, our engagement materials complement the message, helping to engage and reinforce the skills learned in the curriculum, all while elevating the school-wide team

Platform lessons and foundations

Hundreds of lessons of curriculum of various topics and durations are available as a SaaS solution for delivery and completion tracking. It is priced based on a per student basis. There is no additional charge for teachers or administrators. Please contact us to learn more.

Engagement Materials & Learning Aids

We have designed character-based engagement items such as t-shirts, posters, card decks and other items that become invaluable in reinforcing key lessons, amplifying team culture or providing entertaining rewards.

Click the Contact Us button below to learn more about buying materials.

Professional Development

Many of our subscriptions include fully or partially discounted professional development. If you are already a customer, please contact us (link to contact form) or your success manager directly for details. If you aren’t yet a customer or are new to SEL, learn more about how we can help orient you or your team through our online or onsite Professional Development offerings or schedule a training today.
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