How to Implement Project TEAM

Our Easy 5 Step Process

Establishing Your Project TEAM Committee

A group of diverse staff members will form a TEAM to lead your school through successful implementation. Committee members should represent differing positions in the school as well as have different perspectives. Your committee will meet regularly throughout the school year to assess progress and make changes as needed.


On-Site Training

TEAMology or an Intermediate Unit partner will provide a TEAMologist to facilitate a full day training workshop for staff members. This Professional Development Training covers how to create a TEAM oriented culture where every staff member and student is working together toward common goals. Staff members learn how to integrate Project TEAM into every fabric of your school culture including daily activities, regular academics, special areas and other programming you may be using.


Create Your Game Plan

Your school will decide where to place materials set goals, select songs, plan events and set dates before the start of the program. A guide is provided to easily walk you through this process.


Kick Off!

Your school is ready for full implementation and it is time to get the students on board. Assemblies are used throughout the year, starting with an initial kick off assembly, to get things rolling.


Full Implementation

Now that every staff member and student is on the same page, Project TEAM is fully implemented. Every staff member including aids, nurse, bus drivers and cafeteria staff give teamwork tickets to reinforce students using the foundations. The TEAM works toward reaching goals and the common language is used among all, integrating into every lesson throughout the day. 







Throughout the first year and beyond your school will receive consulting from a TEAMologist. Staff members have access to our online platform, where ideas and activities are at their fingertips. Re-trainings or trainings for new staff are available as needed.

How TEAM Culture Is Created

How to Implement Project TEAM

The Impact of Project TEAM on Schools

What Students and Staff Say

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