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Indiana Department of Education recently released new benchmarks and standards for implementing Social & Emotional Learning in PK-12.  We wanted to provide some resources that go along with each of the 7 competencies.


Insight refers to the ability to know your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and actions. Gaining insight is an important skill for building self-confidence, self-esteem, and empathy for others. Insight helps students recognize their own strengths and areas of growth.



Collaboration refers to the ability to work well with others, including in the group and teamwork environment. Collaboration works to build positive communication and conflict management skills.


Connection refers to the ability to have strong social awareness, giving students the ability to take the perspectives of others, & empathize with people of diverse backgrounds & cultures.

Sensory Motor Integration

Sensory motor integration refers to the ability to have body awareness and recognize sensations in the body. Gaining sensory-motor integration is an important skill for managing transitions, changing routines, increasing alertness for learning, and improving regulation

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability to make constructive choices and understand metacognitive strategies to enhance learning. Critical thinking skills build responsible decision-making, analytical, and critical inquiry skills which are necessary to approach learning from an innovative, creative, multicultural, and ethical lens.


Regulation refers to the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions. Regulation skills build positive self-control, positive self-discipline, and impulse control.


Mindset refers to the ability to demonstrate cognitive flexibility and a willingness to learn. Developing mindset is a critical learning skill for building perseverance, adaptability, self-discovery, and resilience.

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