Problem solving is a crucial life skill, necessary for success, for all students both now and in their futures. Without the ability to independently solve problems, students lack the confidence to try new things, overcome obstacles and adversities, and tend to give up at the first sign that something isn’t easy.

When we solve students’ problems for them we take away their self-efficacy and confidence in themselves. We are teaching them they can’t do anything on their own, we do not believe in their abilities and we need to do it for them. They grow up learning to always rely on adults and when faced with adversities they fall apart or quickly seek help to fix it. They will struggle throughout life in all areas. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to watch your students struggle, but the lessons they learn and the skills they acquire heavily outway the short term frustrations. 

This PD workshop will look at the ways educators, unwittingly promote reliance on adults, effectively decreasing students’ abilities to solve problems and resolve conflicts on their own. Participants will learn how to recognize students’ emotions and empathize with them while also putting the work back on them. This workshop will provide clear strategies for educators to build the skills necessary for overcoming all of life’s challenges and how to work towards achieving goals.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the criticalness for students, of all ages, to learn to solve their own problems and the detrimental effects of not having the opportunity to do so
  • Gain an understanding of the open-mindedness, communication and persistence learned through problem solving
  • Learn to teach students the problem solving process and simple strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Understand how to create a positive climate where students are encouraged to solve their own problems and positively reinforced when they try before asking for help.


6 Hour, Full Day – $3,000
3 Hour, Half Day – $2,000

2 Hour, VIRTUAL – $1,000


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