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Teamology's Project TEAM

Project TEAM nurtures interconnected life skills to motivate students to succeed. We cultivate a collaborative school culture movement which makes career education a priority and instills in the students the six foundations of Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving, Resiliency and Leadership.

Harper - Helping Others

Harper’s special Helping powers shine through during times of need. She shows students how to be a better friend and how helping one another can lead to a more positive environment. Harper with her amazing Helping Skills, provides students with an understanding of what careers are in the helping field of Human Services.

Paco - Positive Change

Paco’s special powers in Positive Change prove useful when mistakes are made. Not only does he teach students the value in making mistakes, but he empowers all students to make changes to create a better school environment, community and world. Paco is able to help students learn more about his interest in careers in Health Services and the connections it has to Positive Change and the other PT foundations.

Amelia - Anti-Bullying

Ameilia’s special powers in Anti-Bullying are important every day. She explains to students that while not everyone will always see eye to eye or even be the best of friends it is important to show respect and be nice to EVERYONE. She explains that all students have an important role in creating a peaceful, happy climate. Amelia promotes not only Anti-Bullying but also motivates students to see how it’s important for her career path, Industrial Technology and Engineering.

Philo - Problem Solving

Philo’s special Problem Solving powers shine through in times of conflict. Philo teaches students how to become independent problem solvers. He loves to share his steps to solve problems and ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. Philo is able to help students see how careers in Natural Resources use his important foundation, Problem Solving.

Ruby -Resiliency

Ruby uses her special Resiliency powers when faced with obstacles or adversity. She shows students the value of bouncing back and how being resilient can help them have great days.  Business & Marketing is the career path Ruby is taking. She makes easy connections to careers and jobs and the importance of Resiliency.

Lamar - Leadership

Lamar’s special Leadership powers are crucial for future success. He teaches students how to recognize their own strengths and how to use those strengths to succeed. All students have their own leadership powers, we just need to help them shine through! Lamar demonstrates just how valuable and important Leadership skills are in all jobs and makes easy connections to his career path, Arts and Communication.

Inspire. Collaborate. Create

The TEAMology Platform

Our SEL, Character Building and Career Education Framework is on an easy to use web platform.

We Want You to be Part of Our TEAM Movement!

School Administrators

Establish Project TEAM, a research based platform, for school staff to follow a social ecological model that provides a holistic framework for teaching social emotional learning, character education, bullying prevention, career education and collaboration.

School Counselors

Install Project TEAM, an ASCA aligned program, to introduce students to a world bigger than their own with evidence based techniques to teach six foundations: helping others, positive change, anti-bullying, problem solving, resiliency and leadership. Students then take these foundations and apply them to become more successful now, as students, and in their future careers.


Integrate Project TEAM’s detailed curriculum easily and effortlessly into your own lesson plans, knowing you have a team of teachers and counselors who have your back. Using Project TEAM in your school will increase the feeling and sense of TEAM among all teachers.


Build a cohesive school, home and community culture with Project TEAM by providing parents with an exciting way to inspire their kids to reach their fullest potential and learn invaluable skills that will help make them successful.


Students will become part of a TEAM and feel a stronger connection to their school, teachers and peers. Project TEAM will help them learn to collaborate, be leaders and prepare them to be our best future citizens.

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