Intro – 1st Grade – Lamar

Be a Leader / Follow a Leader


  1. Review Leadership from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Explain to students that they will have to stand in a large circle facing each other’s backs. Students should be told they are each the leader of the person behind them and the person in front of them is their leader.
  3. The instructor will tap one student on the shoulder, who will then make one movement with his or her body (Make sure to explain they cannot get out of the circle). The person behind them should then make the same movement. The movement should then continue around the circle one at a time until it gets back to the person who started it.
  4. The movement has to be the exact same movement all the way around the circle and only one student can move at a time. Students are told if the movement is different or if two or more students move at once, they have to start over.
  5. When they correctly get a movement around the circle, the instructor will tap another student to start a new movement.
  6. A goal should be set to see how many movements they can get correctly around the circle.
  7. The students will need to make sure they are following directions and being a leader to succeed in this activity. If they are having a hard time, the instructor should remind the students that they all need to stand still and be a good leader for the person who is watching them. This might take them a few reminders or redirections. It is okay if the class is only able to get one or two movements around the circle.

 Discussion Questions

  1. What makes someone a leader?
  2. Why is it important to work together as a team?
  3. What might happen if you were always a follower?

20 minutes


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