Intro – 1st – Harper

Intro to Helping Others


In lesson 1, students will be introduced to the definition of Helping Others, introduced  to Harper and identify situations in which they could help others and why it is important to help others.

In lesson 2, students will work together on small teams and realize that being kind is a big part of Helping Others.

In lesson 3, students will incorporate their understanding of Helping Others into an entry in their Career Journals, as it relates to their future work.


Students will develop self confidence in their ability to help others in various settings and life situations by:

  • developing and employing effective interpersonal communication skills and demonstrating empathy
  • creating positive and supportive relationships with peers and adults
  • demonstrating ethical decision making and social responsibility
  • using effective collaboration and cooperation skills


Helping OthersAnything you do for someone else that makes him or her feel good


  1. Introduce the definition of Helping Others.
  2. Discuss ways students can help others in various settings.
  3. Ask students to share ways they help others in school, at home, and in the community.
  4. Talk about the importance of helping others in general. Ask students to share why they think it is important to help others.
  5. Using the Project TEAM House Guide, draw the PT house, indicating wall #1.
  6. Introduce Harper and talk about her helping others abilities.
  7. Talk about Harper’s heart and how her big heart makes her more caring and therefore more willing to help others all the time.
  8. Give every student a paper heart.
  9. Have each student write at least one way on the heart that he or she will help others. They can use ideas you have written on the board or come up with their own.
  10. If time allows, have them share their ideas with the class.
  11. These hearts can be hung on the classroom wall as a reminder for students.