Intro – 2nd Grade – Ruby

Intro to Resiliency


In lesson 1, students will be introduced to the definitions of Resiliency, positive and negative, be introduced to Ruby and be introduced to the idea that they will have better days when they are resilient.

In lesson 2, students will practice resiliency skills while participating in a classroom adventure story.

In lesson 3, students will incorporate their understanding of Resiliency into an entry in their Career Journals, as it relates to their future work.


Students will develop self confidence in their ability to succeed and be resilient in their lives by:

  • demonstrating perseverance to achieve long and short term goals
  • learning to overcome barriers in relationships and in learning
  • practicing personal safety skills
  • managing change and taking responsibility
  • demonstrating effective coping skills when faced with a problem


Resiliency: the ability to bounce back from hard times

Positive: a good or useful quality

Negative: harmful, bad or not desirable 


  1. Introduce the definition of Resiliency.
  2. Using the Project TEAM House Guide, draw the PT house, indicating Window #2.
  3. Introduce Ruby and discuss her abilities to be resilient. Talk about Ruby being in a wheelchair and how things that come easily for some of us like climb stairs or walk up a hill, can be challenging for Ruby. Make sure to reiterate that Ruby never complains and always does her best.
  4. Discuss Ruby’s Bouncy Ball and discuss bouncing back when things are hard.
  5. Introduce the definitions of positive and negative.
  6. Ask the class if they think Ruby is positive or negative thinker. They should now understand that Ruby is a positive thinker.
  7. Explain to the class that they will be hearing a story about Ruby and boy named Nick Negative. Show the posters of both Ruby and Nick Negative. Explain the story is about a day that they had that was very similar where many unfortunate things happened. Go on to explain that one of the kids still winds up having a good day while the other has a bad day.
  8. Ask the class to predict which one of the kids they think has the better day, Ruby or Nick Negative. Have students give explanations for their predictions.
  9. Read the “Story of Ruby Resiliency and Nick Negative” to the class.
  10. Throughout the story ask the class if certain behaviors or thoughts are resilient and positive or negative.
  11. Ask the class their thoughts about why Ruby was able to have a better day than Nick, even though they faced the same unfortunate events.

Making Foundation Connections

  1. How could you Help Others to be resilient when they are having a hard day?
  2. What kind of Positive Changes might Nick Negative need to make to be more resilient?
  3. How was Ruby Resilient when she was being made fun of in the story?


15 minutes