Activity – 2nd Grade – Lamar

Leadership Connections


  1. Break the classroom up into 5 teams.
  2. Each group should be assigned a foundation: Helping Others, Problem Solving, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, and Resiliency.
  3. The goal of this activity is for students to draw a picture using a Leadership skill connected to the foundation they have been assigned. If students are stuck, they can incorporate another foundation into their picture as well, but they must use the foundation they were assigned as a primary focus along with Leadership. For example, the group assigned Anti-Bullying and Leadership could incorporate Helping Others by drawing a picture of a bystander actively intervening for the victim.
  4. Allow teams 10 minutes to draw their pictures. Once they are finished, have each team show its picture.
  5. Use the following questions to facilitate discussion.

Discussion Questions:

  • What was your main foundation?
  • Describe your picture to the other teams.
  • Did you incorporate any other foundation? If so, which one did you incorporate?
  • Identify the leadership skill or skills.
  • Do other teams see other leadership skills in the picture?

20 minutes


  • Five (5) poster-sized sheets of paper or poster board
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
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