Journal – 2nd Grade – Ruby


Student Journal



  1. Review Resiliency from Mini-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Explain to students that Resiliency is important now and also for their futures.
  3. Pathway Pause: Business and Marketing- Explain to students that an Event Planner is in charge planning every detail of an event such as scheduling it, deciding on food, location and decor and making sure the event has enough staff. Tell students that many things can go wrong at planned events, such as the caterer not showing up with the food. Ask students how the Event Planner could stay positive and resilient if the people attending the event start to get upset because they are getting hungry.
  4. The students should complete the 2nd Grade Resiliency writing prompt in the Student Journal.
  5. If time allows, have willing students share their journal entries with the class.

20 minutes