Intro – 3rd Grade – Lamar

Intro to Leadership


In lesson 1, students will define leadership, be re-introduced to Lamar, and identify situations in which they could be leaders.

In lesson 2, students will learn how effective communication can help them be strong leaders.

In lesson 3, students will incorporate their understanding of Leadership into an entry in their Career Journals, as it relates to their future work.


Students will develop self confidence in their ability to be leaders among their peers, and in other life situations by:

  • developing and employing effective interpersonal communication skills and demonstrating empathy
  • creating positive and supportive relationships with peers and adults
  • employing leadership and teamwork skills in diverse groups
  • using effective collaboration and cooperation skills
  • demonstrating social maturity, ethical behavior, and appropriate self-advocacy skills


Leadershipthe ability to use your strengths to help others or yourself in a positive way 


  1. Re-introduce the definition of Leadership.
  2. Using the Project TEAM House Guide, draw the PT house, indicating the Door.
  3. Re-introduce Lamar and talk about his leadership abilities.
  4. Ask students what they think Lamar’s muscle and tie stand for.
  5. Allow time for answers.
  6. Discuss the two symbols making sure to stress that the tie symbolizes inner strength not physical strength.
  7. Have the class line up at one end of the classroom.
  8. Create a list of closed-ended questions (examples below). Using the questions, ask students to take a small step forward each time they answer “yes.” If their answer would be “no,” they just stand in place.Examples of questions:(You can tailor questions for your class based on your students and needs).
    • Do you think you have helped a classmate feel better this year?
    • Have you gotten better at something or changed something for the better in school?
    • Have you helped a friend or someone you know who was being bullied?
    • Have you included someone at recess that no one was playing with?
    • Have you solved a problem on your own this year without asking for help from an adult?
    • Have you bounced back after something upsetting has happened to you? 
  9. After you’ve finished asking students questions, ask for a show of hands of students who made more than 3 moves forward.
  10. Make a point to show that students have been displaying Leadership each time they answered yes and moved forward.

Making Foundation Connections

  1. Give an example of how Leaders use one of the other foundations.
  2. Why do Leaders need good Problem Solving skills?

20 minutes