Activity – 3rd Grade – Ruby

TEAM Rhythm


  1.  Review Resiliency from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Have students stand as in a circle.
  3. Begin by asking, “Who can tell me what the word ‘rhythm’ means?”
  4. Look for answers such as “a pattern of sound or movement.”
  5. Explain that today they will be creating a TEAM rhythm.
  6. Students will each be responsible for adding to the TEAM rhythm by creating an additional movement. For example, the first student may decide to clap once. The next student will need to clap once but then add another movement as well (such as stomping one foot).
  7. Each student can add only one movement to the TEAM rhythm. The rhythm will become harder and harder for each student to remember. (It’s important to remember that it’s okay for the students to become frustrated or overwhelmed. You can discuss these feelings related to resiliency after the activity.)
  8. Have students come up with a goal of how many TEAMmates they can get through without making a mistake on the TEAM rhythm.
  9. If a student does make a mistake, the team must start over.
  10.  Encourage students to encourage one another.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How did you work together as a TEAM?
  2. Was this activity difficult? How so?
  3. Did you use resiliency during the activity? (Were there times you were frustrated but had to keep going?)
  4. Why do you think resiliency is important?


20 minutes


  • None


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