Activity – 4th Grade – Lamar

Let’s Act Out Leadership!


  1. Break the classroom up into 5 teams.
  2. Write a foundation and LEADERSHIP on the top of each sheet of paper, for example, “HELPING OTHERS and LEADERSHIP,” and hand the papers out to each group. Tell the students not to look at other teams’ foundations. If it is helpful, you can place each piece of paper into an envelope to keep it extra secret.
  3. The goal of this activity is for students to write a brief skit where leadership skills fit into the foundation they have been assigned. For example, a team assigned Resiliency and Leadership might focus on being a good role model.  If students are stuck, allow them to incorporate one other foundation, but the primary foundation they have been assigned must be the focus.
  4. Allow students 10 minutes to come up with a brief skit.
  5. Once time is up, have one team act out the skit and then process the skit with the other teams using the discussion questions.  Repeat this for every group.

Discussion Questions

  • What foundations did you see in the skit?
  • What leadership skill or skills did you see?
  • Were other leadership skills present?
  • What are some things other teams would do differently in this skit?
  • Allow time for the team that wrote and performed the skit to share the members’ rationale.

25 minutes


  • Five (5) pieces of paper
  • Pencils