Activity – 4th Grade – Ruby

Survival Scenario


  1. Put students on TEAMs of 4-6.
  2. Read the story below, “TEAM Cruise,” to students.
  3. After hearing the story, students will need to work together in their TEAMs to create a list of 10 items they think are necessary for survival. Then they will put the items in order of importance and explain why they chose that order.
  4. Explain to students that they will need to cooperate and make decisions together as a TEAM.

TEAM Cruise Story

You and your friends have decided to go on an adventure to Project TEAM Island, where you will be participating in their yearly TEAM Relays! Everyone is very excited as you all board the TEAM cruise ship! About an hour into your trip, the wind picks up and your ship is blown off its route! The captain tries to get back on course but isn’t successful. The current is too rough to get back to the correct route and now there is a storm coming! The captain sees land and decides everyone will be safer on land than on the ship. The land ends up being a deserted island! When you get on shore, the captain says each TEAM can bring only 10 things total onto land. What will your TEAM bring in order to survive for the night?

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the “TEAM Cruise” story relate to adversity?
  2. How might you need to use resiliency in a survival situation?

20 minutes


  • Scrap Paper
  • Pencils