Journal – 5th Grade – Amelia

Student Journal


  1. Review Anti-Bullying from Mini-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Explain to students that Anti-Bullying is important now and also for their futures.
  3. Ask students if they think they will be working with people different than themselves when they are adults.
  4. Pathway Pause: Industrial Technology and Engineering- Explain that Engineers help to design, build, or maintain different kinds of engines or machines. Engineers often must try many strategies before figuring out which design or plan works best. They must keep trying as they work on their goal for their engine or machine. Ask how might having Engineers from different backgrounds be positive for a company?
  5. Ask students if they think it will be important to be accepting of differences in their future careers. Allow time for answers.
  6. The students should complete the 5th Grade Anti-Bullying writing prompt in the Student Journal.
  7. If time allows, have willing students share their journal entries with the class.

20 minutes