Journal – 5th Grade – Lamar

Student Journal


  1. Review Leadership from Mini-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Explain to students that Leadership is important now and also for their futures.
  3. Pathway Pause: Arts and Communication- Say to the students, “Fashion Designers design clothing and accessories that are both functional and look good so people will buy them. How might Fashion Designers help others who need a specific type of clothing or accessory? How might they use resiliency if something they designed didn’t sell? How do Fashion Designers inspire clothing  trends and styles? How does this relate to Leadership?”
  4. Ask students to give examples of how different types of career people use cooperation, communication skills and leadership. Allow time for answers.
  5. The students should complete the 5th Grade Leadership writing prompt in the Student Journal.
  6. If time allows, have willing students share their journal entries with the class.


20 minutes