Activity – 5th Grade – Ruby

Resilient Radio Show


  1. Review Resiliency and adversity from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Divide the class into 4 TEAMs.
  3. Assign one foundation to each TEAM and explain how each foundation connects to resiliency.
    • Helping Others – we can show and build resilience by helping others when they need support.
    • Positive Change – positive change can lead to resilience because we can respond to adversity in new ways,
    • Anti-bullying – there are different ways we can show resilience in anti-bullying:
      • Bystander – students who see bullying behavior can intervene and tell the bully what he/she is doing is not okay. They can also tell a teacher and can be friends with the student who was being bullied.
      • Victim – kids who are bullied can be resilient by standing up to the bully and by telling a trusted adult.
      • Bully – students who are bullies can be resilient by trying to make a positive change in their behavior and finding a sense of purpose that is different from picking on other students. What are some other purposeful things that bullies can do?
    • Problem solving – problem-solving helps us see a problem or tough situation from different points of view.
  4. After reviewing and giving the students ideas, have them write a radio show/podcast skit demonstrating resiliency and the foundation they were assigned.
  5. Once the TEAMs have finished writing their skit, ask them to read it aloud like a radio show.

Discussion Questions 

  1. What were moments of resiliency in the other groups’ skits?
  2. What situations in school might require resilience? At home? In the community?
  3. What are some ways students can show they are being resilient?


20 minutes


  • Scrap Paper
  • Pencils