Activity – 5th Grade – Lamar

TEAM Tower


  1. Review Leadership from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Break the classroom up into 5 teams (4-5 students per TEAM).
  3. Explain to students that they will be working together in small TEAMS to build the highest tower possible. The tower must be sturdy and stand on its own.
  4. Tell students they need to think like Graphic Designers and bring the thoughts, ideas and visions of their team to life. Graphic Designers usually bring visions to life in the digital world, but one of the most important steps of success is to show their leadership abilities by using their talents in creative thinking, art, and design to help the people they are working with bring their visions to life.
  5. Students can use only the materials provided: paper, masking tape, and scissors.
  6. Encourage students to think about how they will use leadership while working on this activity. Remind them to use one another’s strengths while working together as a TEAM.
  7. Students should be given about 15 minutes to come up with the sturdiest and highest tower they can.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Tell the class how your TEAM used Leadership to work together to build your tower.
  2. What was most challenging about this activity?
  3. How did it feel when you were successful? Unsuccessful?
  4. What other foundations did your team use during the activity?

20 minutes


  • 100 sheets of paper (20 for each team)
  • Masking tape for each team
  • Scissors for each team (no running, please)