Activity – 6th Grade – Amelia

The Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, written in the 1940’s, demonstrates with clarity the roles of the bully, the target (victim) and the bystanders in this social drama.


  1. Introduce the Readers’ Theatre story based on The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.
  2. Assign parts and provide each participating student with the name of their character to hang around their necks.
  3. Give each student a script.
  4. Have the students perform the story.
  5. Invite discussion from students afterward and connect this story to The Bullying Circle or to the Bystander Roadmap.
  6. Put students in TEAMs of 3 and have them rewrite the scene using strategies from Amelia’s Approaches and other strategies they have learned about Anti-Bullying.
  7. Tell students to be creative, pretend they are there and explain this is their opportunity to illustrate their application of these powerful interventions to keep them and their friends safe from aggression.
  8. Have students act out the new and improved scenes.