Journal – 6th Grade – Amelia

Student Journal


  1. Review Anti-Bullying from Mini Lesson 1 and 2.
  2. Ask students if they think bullying could happen when they are adults?
  3. Pathway Pause: Industrial Technology and Engineering- Explain that Electricians help us by fixing problems with our electricity. If there is a bad storm and the Electricity goes out, Electricians and people that work for the power companies are out as soon as they can trying to fix the problems and get the power back on. Sometimes people make comments about electricity not getting turned back on fast enough and question why it is taking so long. People post on social media and vent their frustrations with the Electricians. Ask stuedents how they think the Electricians feel if they see those posts when they are out in the storms working as hard as they can, away from their families, trying to get electricity back on.
  4. Have student discuss how, as adults, bullying might look different and how it might look the same as it does now.
  5. The students should complete the 6th Grade Anti-Bullying writing prompt in the Student Journal.

20 minutes