Journal – 6th Grade – Lamar

Student Journal


  1. Review Leadership from Min-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Have students think about leadership in their communities.
  3. Ask them what types of jobs leaders have. Write their ideas on the board.
  4. Have a discussion about what skills are needed in those jobs and how people who have those jobs have to be role models.
  5. Pathway Pause: Arts and Communication- Say to the students, “A film producer plans and coordinates various aspects of film production, such as selecting the type of movie and the story, coordinating the writing of the script, directing and editing the film with the actors and the writing team, and figuring out how the film will be paid for. How might they use Helping Others in their daily work? Do you think a conflict ever arises when shooting a movie? How might they use resiliency, problem solving and conflict resolution skills to increase the success of the film?
  6. The students should complete the 6th Grade Leadership writing prompt in their Student Journal.


20 minutes