Journal – 6th Grade – Philo

Student Journal


  1. Review Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution from Mini-Lessons 1 & 2.
  2. Pathway Pause: Natural Resources- Say to the students, “An Archaeologist uses their knowledge of former societies and cultures to help educate the public by discovering, collecting, and analyzing the remains of previous societies and cultures. They are intentional about picking specific places in the world they want to conduct research. If another Archaeologist on their team did not agree on where to conduct research, how could they work together to use open-mindedness and logical thinking to resolve this type of conflict?
  3. Ask students how using “I” Messages can help them maintain good relationships with others.
  4. Allow time for answers.
  5. The students should complete the 6th Grade Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution writing prompt in their Student Journal.

20 minutes