Activity – 7th Grade – Ruby

Famous Roadblocks


  1. Ask students, “What do you think roadblock means?”  Before getting an answer, have them talk with students around them.
  2. Define Roadblock – an action, condition, etc., that obstructs progress toward an objective.
  3. Have students watch the short YouTube clip.
  4. After providing a very brief review of roadblock definition, have students think about the clip.
  5. Ask “What was the roadblock the character encountered?”
  6. Ask “Did the character have supporters? If so, who were they?”
  7. Ask, “How did they break through, or get around the roadblock?”
  8. Have student think about and share what they learned about resiliency as a result of this experience?

20 minutes


  • YouTube clip about someone (preferably famous) overcoming adversity – clips about Olympic athletes are good
  • Screen or Smart Board