Intro – 7th Grade – Lamar

Intro to Leadership


In lesson 1, students will define leadership, be reintroduced to Lamar and be introduced to the importance of acting with intention.

In lesson 2, students will identify behaviors related to acting with intention utilizing all the foundations of Project TEAM.

In lesson 3, students will incorporate their understanding of Leadership into an entry in their Career Journal, as it relates to their future work.


Students will develop self-confidence in their ability to be leaders among their peers, and in other life situations by:

  • developing and employing effective interpersonal communication skills and demonstrating empathy
  • creating positive and supportive relationships with peers and adults
  • employing leadership and teamwork skills in diverse groups
  • using effective collaboration and cooperation skills
  • demonstrating social maturity, ethical behavior, and appropriate self-advocacy skills


Leadership   Using your strengths to offer others guidance and direction

Role Model – A person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others

Intention – A mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought


  1. Using the Project TEAM House Guide, draw the PT House, indicating the door.
  2. Reintroduce Lamar and discuss his leadership characteristics.
  3. Ask students to recall Lamar’s example and his personal characteristics (3 E’s, Encourage, Empower, Embrace).
  4. Ask students what it means to be a leader. What are the actions of a leader? Allow time to hear their answers and write the main themes on the board.
  5. Ask students what it means to be a role model.  What are the actions of a role model? Allow time to hear their answers and write the main themes on the board.
  6. Ask students what the common themes are between a leader and a role model. Ask the students, are all leaders role models? Allow time for thoughts. Ask the students, are all role models leaders? Allow time for thoughts. Share and discuss both questions gathering thoughts on how students view both leaders and role models.
  7. Ask the students what intention means. What does it mean to act with intention? Review the definition of intention.
  8. Ask students if they can think of any careers where people act with intention. Give them a few moments to think about it and then let one or two students share their thoughts.
  9. Then have a quick discussion with students about how Miners act with intention as they show leadership by following safety procedures with the dangerous pieces of equipment they use to mine coal. They mentally prepare for the hard work they do every day to stay focused on their job. Their intention, determination and leadership helps them get the job done as well help continue to keep the steel industry running, since most steel is created using coal.
  10. Click on the link Today Show Feature and watch the Today Show Feature of the MyIntentProject as a whole class.
  11. Ask the students, “What is the mission of the MyIntent Project?” Let a few students answer in their own words. Review the mission of the MyIntent Project.
    • The MyIntent Project has a soul mission of spreading positive energy into the world. The Project challenges people to think about the purpose of their life. It can be a dream for the future or something special to you. It is sold in over 50 countries without any advertising! 
  12. Ask students how the founder of the MyIntent project an entrepreneur? Remind students that Entrepreneurs take an idea and create, organize, and manage that idea as a business for profit. They must be self-motivated and determined to be successful.
  13. Follow up with the review of the mission by stating, “in the video the Newscaster said, what you think about you bring about.” Repeat that for students, “What you think about, you bring about.”
  14. Click on the link Welcome to MyIntent and watch the video Welcome to the MyIntent Studio as a whole class.
  15. Allow students to discuss their thoughts on both videos. How does the word individuals chose connect to intention? Instead of What’s Your Word? let’s use, What’s your Leadership Word?
  16. Instruct students to take a piece of the red construction paper and tell them it represents the door of the Leadership Foundation. If students had to pick one word to engrave in their Leadership door that represented their Leadership word; how they think of themselves as a leader, who they want to become as a leader, what actions they want to improve, what actions they want to decrease, what positive energy they want to put out in the world, a dream that they have, something special to them, etc., what Leadership Word would they choose? If “what you think about is what you bring about” then we must recognize the important of acting with intention as a leader.
  17. Allow students time to come up with a word, and instruct them to write their Leadership word on the top of their door.

Making Foundation Connections

  • How is Helping Others evident in the MyIntent Project?
  • What other foundations were connected to the themes you saw on the board?
  • How is acting with intention related to Project TEAM?

35 minutes