Intro – 7th Grade – Ruby

Intro to Resiliency

In lesson 1, student will be reinforced with the idea of resiliency as overcoming adversity, roadblocks and bouncing back from hard situations.
In lesson 2, students will work together as a team to be resilient to get around a roadblock. They will also be required to use their problem-solving skills.
In lesson 3, students will incorporate their understanding of Resiliency in to an entry in their Career Journals, as it relates to their future work.
Students will develop self confidence in their ability to succeed and be resilient in their lives by:

  • demonstrating perseverance to achieve long and short term goals
  • learning to overcome barriers in relationships and in learning
  • practicing personal safety skills
  • managing change and taking responsibility
  • demonstrating effective coping skills when faced with a problem

Resiliency – Ability to bounce back when anything difficult happens; the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.
Adversity – A difficult situation or condition; misfortune or tragedy.
Roadblock– an action, condition, etc., that obstructs progress toward an objective.

  1. Using the Project TEAM House Guide, draw the PT House, indicating Window #2.
  2. Reintroduce Ruby and her abilities in being resilient.
  3. Define resiliency for the students. Explain that being resilient means that even if we get knocked down, or get sick or weak, or have a failure, we can bounce back and become strong, healthy, or successful. When we get knocked down, or have a difficult time with something, that is called adversity. Provide the students with the definition of adversity.
  4. Ask students what they think a roadblock is. Provide the students with the definition of a roadblock.
  5. Type in the link and click on the video MATT- A film about never giving up
  6. Pass out the Resiliency Road: Breaking through Roadblocks Worksheet
  7. and allow students a moment to review the worksheet before they watch the video.
  8. Watch the video as a whole class. Then allow students to get in groups of 4 or 5 and work together to fill out the worksheet. Allow them to work for about 7 minutes and then go over the answers.

Making Foundation Connections

  • How can you Help Others if they see you being Resilient?
  • How does breaking through a roadblock relate to Positive Change and Problem Solving?
  • How can using Anti-Bullying help you with resiliency?



30 minutes



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