Journal – 7th Grade – Lamar

Student Journal


  1. Review Leadership from Mini-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Have students get in groups of 3-4 to discuss the process of commitment as it relates to leadership.
  3.  Ask the students the following questions:
    • How important is commitment when you are in a leadership role?
    • How do you think commitment impacts credibility in a leadership role?
    • Define credible if students need it. Credible – worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy.
  4. Pathway Pause: Arts & Communication- Say to the students, “Sportscasters and News Broadcasters are responsible for providing timely and accurate information about what is happening in their respective fields. They need to keep people informed about what is happening as it may impact their lives. How is credibility important here?”
  5. Ask students if they can think of any careers where credibility is very important.
  6. The students should complete the 7th Grade Leadership writing prompt in their Student Journal.


20 minutes


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