Activity – 7th Grade – Ruby

 A Roadblock on the Road to Resiliency


  1. Review Resiliency, adversity and roadblocks from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. After providing the review and definitions, have students think about a time when they had a roadblock they needed to break through or get around. Ask them to think about What was the roadblock? Did they have supporters? If so, who were they? How did they break through or get around the roadblock? What did they learn? Allow students to get a partner and share their stories.
  3. Bring the students back together and allow a few pairs to share to the stories they discussed to the entire class.
  4. Ask for 6 volunteers. Have those students come to the front of the room and instruct the rest of the students to close their eyes. Quietly assign 4 students to act as the Road Construction Crew (tell them they will provide encouragement and hands on support to the “line of traffic” and 2 students to act as Crew Leaders (tell them they will provide directions as to how to get the “line of traffic” around the roadblock).
  5. Place 6-8 chairs in a straight line in the front of the room. Be sure to leave enough space on each side so a line of students can walk around the chairs.
  6. Start the activity: Say “there is a Roadblock on the Road to Resiliency in our space today. In order to get around the roadblock, you must get in a straight line.” Help the students get in a line while they have their eyes closed. Now instruct them to turn sideways so they can be arm and arm.
  7. Say, “You are now a line of traffic and you need to get around the roadblock while you remain arm and arm. 4 students will act as the Road Construction Crew, providing you encouragement and hands-on guidance. 2 students will act as the Crew Leaders, providing directions as to how to get around the roadblock.”
  8. Instruct the Crew Leaders to direct the Line of Traffic around the roadblock. Remind students that they must be arm and arm while they try to get around the roadblock. Time the students as they attempt to get around the roadblock. If any of their arms fall or do not remain arm and arm they must start over.
  9. After a few minutes allow the Road Construction Crew to assist providing verbal and hands-on support. They can help direct as long as they don’t get in the Line of Traffic.
  10. Once the Line of Traffic gets around the roadblock and finishes back where the first student started, have the students sit down.

Discussion Questions:

  • What was your experience in the Line of Traffic with your eyes closed? How did it feel to never actually see the roadblock? Was it difficult to keep your eye closed? How does this relate to roadblocks in real life? Can we always “see” how to get around the roadblocks in our lives? Be sure to connect for students that most of the time being resilient means we don’t quite know how we are going to get through something because we “can’t see the outcome” but we just keep trying and we never give up.
  • How did those of you who were in the Line of Traffic help one another?
  • How was it to be a member of the Road Construction Crew?
  • How was it to be a Crew Leader?
  • What was it like as a Road Construction Crew member before you could help?
  • How did you have to use resiliency with this activity?
  • Did the help from the Road Construction Crew make a difference?
  • Did you have to incorporate other TEAM foundations into your plan?
  • Think about your life. Do you think it’s tough to get through sometimes? How might this activity relate to difficult situations we deal with day to day?

Facilitator Connections: 
Make sure to connect for students that the Road Crew and the Crew Leaders acted as supporters for those in the Line of Traffic. The chairs represented the roadblock. In this situation, the roadblock wasn’t something that could be broken through. Students needed to work together to get around it.

25 minutes


  • 6-8 chairs (enough to go almost completely across the room).


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