Activity – 7th – Philo

Stepping Up to Conflict Resolution

*Prior to starting the lesson, cut up the Riddle Me This Clues and make enough for each team to get all 4 clues.

You may also want to write the riddle on the board at this time.


  1. Review Problem Solving from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Review Philo’s 5 ways to Resolve a Conflict and “I” Messages.
  3. Type in the link and click on the Cyber Setup videoWatch the video as a whole class. 
  4. Separate class into 4-5 small teams.
  5. Pass out the Stepping Up to Conflict Resolution Worksheet (one to each team). Say to students, “Here is your problem- You are in the basement of the Project TEAM house and you need to work together to get up two flights of steps to Window 1: Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution.  Starting at the bottom of the worksheet and using what you know about Resolving Conflicts, please answer each question pertaining to what you saw in the video. You also have a riddle to solve. As you complete each step of the Stepping Up to Conflict Resolution Worksheet you will come over to me so I can check your answers. Once I approve your answer, I will give you a clue. We will continue this process until each team has their worksheet completed and has earned all of the clues.”
  6. Write the following Riddle so it is visible to all of the students.
    • A Science Fair Coordinator has reviewed all entries into the school’s annual science fair, has received feedback from all the judges and has tallied the overall scores. The Science Fair Coordinator has narrowed it down to three students who will receive either first, second or third place medals. So you can accurately award them with their medals, please identify each student, their teacher, their place, and their project. 
    • The students are Janelle, Joe and Jaydyn.
    • The teachers are Mrs. Jones, Mr. Wong, Ms. Reynolds.
    • The places are first, second, third.
    • The projects are a Robotic Pet, the Taste Bud Taste Test and the Life-size lego monument. 
  7. Make sure you have a full set of clues, 1-4, for each group. Reminder: as they complete the Stepping Up to Conflict Resolution they will come over to you so you can check their answers. Once you approve their answer, you will give them the next clue that will help them solve the riddle below.
  8. Once students have all of the clues, give them a few minutes to solve the riddle.
  9. Once everyone has finished ask for a volunteer to read their answer.
  10. Correct answer below:

Janelle came in first place, her teacher is Ms. Reynolds and she made the Life-size Lego Monument. 

Jaydyn came in second place, his teacher is Mrs. Jones and he made the Robotic Dog.

Joe came in third place, his teacher is Mr. Wong and he made the Taste Bud Taste Test.

Discussion Questions:

  • How did you work together as a TEAM to complete the Stepping Up to Conflict Resolution Worksheet?
  • What was your process for solving the riddle?
  • What was challenging about either activity? What was easy?
  • How did you use creative and logical thinking?

Making Foundation Connections

  • How do you use Helping Others when you complete group Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution?
  • Why is Positive Change important when addressing conflicts?

25 minutes