Activity – 7th Grade – Ruby

TEAM Snakes

*This activity should be conducted in a large empty room or outdoors.*

  1. Split the class up into two teams.
  2. Tell each team which bucket is theirs.
  3. Explain to students that they will be using non-verbal communication to pick up balls and place them in their bucket. There is no talking. The last person in each line will be the only one to not wear a blindfold. He or she will direct the team by using the following non-verbal messages:
    • Tap on left shoulder – walk to the left
    • Tap on right shoulder – walk to the right
    • Light pull on both shoulders – stop walking
    • Light tap on leg with foot – bend down and pick up a ball, or bend down, find the bucket and put the ball into it.
  4. Have each team line up facing each other’s backs and put their hands on the person’s shoulders in front of them. Tell them they have to stay connected so they need to walk slowly.
  5. The first person in line should be directed to walk with his or her arms outstretched, acting as a bumper.
  6. Give each student a blindfold and have everyone but the last person in each line.
  7. Tell students when they feel the person behind them pass them a message, they must quickly pass it on so it gets to the front person.
  8. Place balls all over the room. Place buckets in different spots.
  9. When a team gets a ball in their bucket the first person in line takes of their blindfold and becomes the last person in line.
  10. First team with 5 balls in their buckets wins.
  11. If a team gets disconnected, stop them and let them reconnect.

Discussion Questions

  • What were some examples of adversity you faced in this activity?
  • How did you have to be resilient?
  • How did having a team help to overcome the adversity?

25 minutes



  • 10-20 balls (about the size of softballs)
  • 2 buckets
  • Blindfold for each student


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