Activity – 8th – Philo

Balloon Challenge


  1. Give half the students a balloon.
  2. Designate a Point A and a Point B in the room.
  3. Explain to students that they will need to get all the balloons from Point A to Point B.
  4. Go on to explain that once they start the balloons cannot touch the floor, walls, any furniture, or anyone’s arms, hands, legs or mouths. If any balloon touches something off limits, everyone has to start again.
  5. Remind students they are working as a team to solve this together.
  6. Give them time to problem solve before they start.

Discussion Questions 

  • What was hard about this activity?
  • Which solutions worked? Which ones did not work?
  • Did you need to think of solutions you hadn’t originally come up with.

20 minutes



  • Blown up balloons – enough for half the group