Activity – 8th – Paco

Change the World

“Change the World” is an inspirational song by Colby and Awu. It is a song about our responsibility to make Positive Changes.

  1. Use the “Change the Wolrd” lyrics provided (or YouTube is a resource to have music and lyrics in the classroom).
  2. Break students into small TEAMs.
  3. If music is available, play “Change the World” and ask students to write down any changes the singers speak of as the song is playing.
  4. Once the song is finished, have students share what types of changes they heard sung. This will introduce the significance of the song right away. “Change the World” is about Positive Changes that we all need to make ourselves, our community, and the world a better place.
  5. Give students the opportunity to read the lyrics out loud in their TEAMs. They can work together to answer the following questions. Bring students back together as a whole TEAM to discuss their small TEAM discussions.
  • Who is the song speaking to?
  • What is the main message of the song?
  • What are some ways the singers suggest we make these changes?
  • What do you think Colby means at the end when he says “each action you take has an impact on the rest of humanity?”

6. To conclude the lesson, have each student share a Positive Change they want to make, to help the world.

15 minutes