Activity – 8th – Paco

Commitment on D.E.C.K.

As another way to help students understand what it means to commit to a goal they could complete the following activity.

Goal – the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Commitment – the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.


  1. Review the definition of a goal. Ask students to raise their hands if they have any goals for themselves currently.
  2. Have students get into groups of two and take a few moments to share one of their current goals.
  3. Pass out the Commitment on D.E.C.K. Worksheet.
  4. Go over each section with the whole group making sure to share the examples given. Allow students a few moments after explaining each section for them to write their ideas.
  5. Make the Decision to Commit to your Goal
  • It is not enough to have interest in your goal, or to want your goal, you have to really commit to your goal and make the Decision that nothing is going to stand in the way of your success.
  • Example: I am going to make the soccer team in August.

6.  Be Exact about what needs to happen in order to achieve your Goal

  • Get very clear on what your goal looks like. Determine Exactly what you need to do to get there and identify a timeline to help you stay on track to reach your destination. What else do you need to reach this goal?
  • Examples: I am going to run 3 times a week in the morning, practice Tuesday and Thursday nights after school.                                                              I am going to participate in a local skills clinic on Saturday mornings.                                                                                                                                 I will make sure I am eating healthy and drinking plenty of water to keep my body in shape.                                                                                             I will reach out to my Aunt who coaches my cousin’s soccer team and see if she can give me any recommendations. 

7. Focus on Creating routines towards achieving your Goal

  • It is not enough to be motivated and know exactly how to achieve your goal, if you are focused on unimportant activities, or are distracted, you will most likely never reach your goal. Create a focused approach and stick to it!
  • Examples:I am going to lay my clothes out the night before for running and for soccer practice so I am ready.                                                                   I am not going to turn on the TV. or look at my phone in the morning, I am going to get up, eat a quick snack, and go for a run.                                     I am going to stay motivated and quickly get back on my schedule even after I miss a few days of practice due to illness.

8. Don’t Kick Accountability to the Curb

  •  When you first commit to a goal you are usually excited and motivated to achieve it. But sometimes after a few weeks some of the excitement can begin to fade. Personal drive isn’t always enough; we need to hold ourselves accountable. Kick your goal up a notch by 1). Reviewing your routines and make changes where necessary, 2). Telling family, friends, and peers about your goals and enlist support, and 3). Find and join others who have the same goal as you and help each other.
  • Examples: I need to find an indoor location for running in the mornings during the colder months.                                                                                      I need to switch my Tuesday practice to Wednesday because my parents work schedule was changed.                                                                           I am going to read motivational quotes to boost my mood when I don’t feel like practicing.                                                                                               I am going to find a running partner.                                                                                                                                                                                    I am going to ask one of my friends from the local soccer clinic if they want to get together a couple times a month to practice and share tips. 

Making Foundation Connections

How does being committed to a goal connect to Resiliency?

20 minutes