Activity – 8th – Paco

Mistake or Choice?

Project TEAM teaches students that they are responsible for their own behaviors and choices. Sometimes students will say “they didn’t mean to” or “they made a mistake” when in reality they made a choice. 

  1. Begin by asking students, “How many of you have ever made a mistake?”
  2. Then ask students, “How many of you think it’s okay to make mistakes?” You will probably get a mix of uncertainty from students because they really won’t be sure if it is okay to make mistakes. So they might hesitate putting their hands up for either question because they are afraid that making mistakes is a bad thing.
  3. Explain that sometimes we think about making a mistake before we do it. And other times we aren’t thinking about making a mistake until the mistake was already made. Either way we can still learn from our mistakes. When we are able to think about making mistakes before we make them, it’s called making a choice. Making choices requires us to stop and use our brains and decide between two or more choices. Paco actually got his powers in Positive Change by learning from his mistakes and learning to make better choices.
  4. Go on to say, “Did you know some of the smartest people in the world have made some of the biggest mistakes? Making mistakes is often how we learn.”
  5. Show students the Famous Failure video on YouTube:
  6. Ask students the following questions to facilitate discussion:
  • What did all these famous people have in common?
  • What if they had given up when they didn’t reach their original goals?
  • How did Positive Change play a role in their lives?

10 minutes