Journal – 8th – Paco

Student Journal


  1. Review Positive Change from Mini-Lessons 1 and 2.
  2. Ask students what they have learned about commitment.
  3. Pathway Pause: Health Services- Say to the students, “The job of a Fitness Instructor is to advise clients about exercise regimens and help them to meet their personal goals. How would a fitness instructor use commitment and inspiration to help to build their client’s confidence and assist them in achieving their fitness goals? Could this also be an example of Helping Others and Positive Change? If so, how?”
  4. Ask students what they have learned about making Positive Changes in their daily lives or in school?
  5. Is it always easy to stay committed?
  6. Allow time for answers.
  7. Students should complete the 8th Grade Positive Change writing prompt in the Student Journal.

20 minutes