Journal – 8th Grade – Philo

Student Journal


  1. Review Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution from Mini-Lessons 1 & 2.
  2. Ask the students the following question, “When thinking about Philo’s 5 Steps to Solving a Problem, why is prioritizing so important? Allow a few students to share.
  3. Ask the students the following question, “When thinking about Philo’s 5 Ways to Resolve a Conflict, why is it so important to have accurate context when you’re in a conflict? What can happen if you don’t have context?”
  4. Allow students a few minutes to think about their responses. Allow a few students to share.
  5. Point out to students that more accurate context hopefully results in better communication. Better communication hopefully results in less conflict.
  6. Pathway Pause: Natural Resources- Say to the students, “A zoologist, or an expert in or student of the behavior, physiology, classification and distribution of animals, was at her monthly facility check at the local zoo. She was informed that one employee was on vacation and another employee was at a certification training. She receives a phone call that the intern’s car broke down on the way to the zoo and he would not be coming in and another employee calls off sick. Using what you know about prioritizing, what steps could she use to handle this problem?
  7. The students should complete the 8th Grade Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution writing prompt in their Student Journal.

20 minutes