Intro – Kindergarten – Lamar

Lamar’s Leadership Muscles


  1. Begin by asking students to show their muscles. (You can show yours, too!)
  2. Say to students, “What does it mean when you have muscles?”

Expect answers such as:

  • You are strong.
  • You have a lot of power.
  1. Go on to say, “Lamar is showing you his muscles. What do muscles have to do with leadership?”
  2. Explain to students that the reason we are all capable of being leaders is because we all have different strengths. Just like muscles, we can keep getting stronger and stronger.
  3. Use the What’s in My Leadership Muscles? worksheet to have students write or draw what their strengths are. The word “strengths” might be really difficult for some students to understand. Explain that strengths can be things we do really well, how we treat others, or good things others tell us about ourselves.

Some examples to give to your class:

  1. I’m a good reader.
  2. I’m a good friend.
  3. I follow directions well.
  4. I’m a good big sister or brother.
  5. I’m a good student.

Tell students that everyone in the class will have a lot of different strengths, which will help make us an awesome TEAM.

20 minutes