Intro – Kindergarten – Lamar

Leadership River


* Prior to starting the lesson, place carpet squares or create squares with tape in an area of the room that will be the Leadership River. Carpet squares or taped squares can be spaced differently, but be sure to place them in a way that makes it a bit challenging for students to jump from square to square.

  1. Review Leadership from Mini-Lesson 1.
  2. Explain to students that they will be using their Leadership muscles to work together to get over the Leadership River.
  3. Remind students that when Lamar works with his TEAM (Harper, Paco, Amelia, Philo, and Ruby), he is encouraging and helpful, which makes him a great leader!
  4. Go on to tell students that during the activity, they will want to encourage one another because the goal is for the team to cross the river as fast as they can! Students have to touch each square and they can’t step outside the square. If they do, they have to go back and start over.
  5. Students will line up “along the river” and wait their turn to cross.
  6. Once students have crossed, have them sit down on the other side to show their team they have crossed.
  7. Make the activity more fun and challenging by having students come up with a goal of how quickly they can all get across.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you think your team used leadership to cross the river?
  2. Give me one example of how you worked together.
  3. What was really tough during the activity?
  4. What do you think was easy during the activity?
  5. Why do you think leadership is important?


20 minutes



  • Carpet squares (at least 10) or tape