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Amelia Anti-Bullying



Anti-Bullying is a “team up against bullying approach”. Focus on the understanding of how to tolerate others even if they don’t connect well or like another student very much. It’s important for students to understand their role as a bystander or anyone who sees bullying happening- they have a responsibility to stop it.

Lamar Leadership



Leadership can be explained as the combination of all of the other foundations. By Helping Others, using Positive Change, promoting anti-bullying, using good problem solving, and showing resiliency students are demonstrating leadership. Leadership also stresses that all students can be a leader in their own way.


Ruby Resiliency



Resiliency is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Resiliency helps students understand they can overcome obstacles or tough times. It gives students the ability to cope with problems, get through difficult times, makes us unique, and gives us hope.

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