Ruby Resiliency Bot

Elementary and Middle School Ruby - Resiliency

Meet our friend Ruby! She helps kids understand resiliency and how it can be used as a tool during difficult times. Ruby is always wearing purple and has her bouncy ball with her to help her remember to always bounce back. 

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens and helps students understand they can overcome obstacles. It gives students the ability to cope with problems, get through difficult times, makes us unique, and gives us hope.

Trauma & Returning to School

Trauma can derail the development of healthy skills in regulating emotions, cognition, and behaviors, as well as healthy interpersonal skills, which can then compound trauma’s negative effects. In the coming months, we will be faced with the challenge of re-entering schools without fully understanding how the pandemic has affected our kids.

How We Can Help

TEAMology is excited to announce a pilot of an innovative and important technology that can help parents and educators understand students’ resilience, strengths, and provide opportunities for support and growth. Students’ resiliency competencies will be critical to the transition back to school but it is something that is difficult to measure.

Our Ruby Screening is a fun and non-threatening coaching experience for students that will provide data to parents and teachers about important individual student information as well as suggest strategies and support recommendations.

Ruby Bot Experience

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