We Can’t Lose Another Student

School violence is a tragic reminder that connection and a sense of belonging are critical focal points in our schools today. To establish this essential need, we need to teach social/emotional skills – such as teamwork, problem solving, leadership, and resiliency – with the same commitment as reading, writing and math.

In addition, we are all healing from recent events and times like this are when we most need to rely on each other for support but also on our own resilience. Students with stronger resiliency skills will heal faster and cope with tragedy better. Students with stronger resiliency skills will be less likely to be targets of bullying and less likely to feel ostracized from their peers. Teaching responsibility to others, compassion and diversity should be integrated on a daily basis or else our schools—and society—will continue to produce students who feel disconnected and alienated.

To help you, we’re offering our lessons in resiliency free of charge.

When students have strong resiliency skills…

  • They can better cope with tragedy and adversity
  • They let things roll off their back and solve conflicts appropriately
  • They are more likely to have better connections to their peers


How Project TEAM Can Help You

More than 550 classrooms across the country use Project TEAM Lesson Plans to teach resilience to elementary and middle-school students.

Using relatable characters, students work collaboratively and build connections with their classmates.

For resilience, we introduce students to Ruby Resiliency, a young girl in a wheelchair who doesn’t let anything get in her way.

What you get:

  • 10+ lessons and activities to teach resilience in your classroom
  • Printable supplemental handouts
  • Printable Career Journal for students to explore the importance of resilience in their futures
  • One poster of Ruby, you can print however many times you want
  • A full guide for how to introduce and teach resilience

We hope you take these lessons and help your students build the connections and a sense of belonging they need to thrive in your classroom.