Social and Emotional Learning Services that work for your District.

Whether you’re just getting started with SEL or your district has been using a program for years, we can help strengthen and simplify the social and emotional needs of your school.

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Introduce your educators to Social & Emotional Learning

Ruby Bot Screening & Analysis

A first of its kind, AI-enabled screening tool to assess students’ resiliency. Our team will work with you to analyze the results and suggest next steps.

Professional Development

Two 2-hour webinar workshops on Resiliency and SEL (can be same-day or two days)

Connection Cards

Our virtual deck of engaging discussion-starters to help students understand SEL foundations.



Get more out of TEAMology’s technology-forward SEL services – Includes Starter Package PLUS:

Introductory Webinar

Instructions, ideas, and support to begin integrating TEAMology into your classrooms.

TEAMology Integration for up to 5 Classrooms

Up to 5 classroom teachers receive access to the full curriculum platform (yearly subscription). Includes 5 sets of mini character posters.

Monthly Webinars

Recorded webinars will provide support and feedback.

All In!


Full-Service, Customized SEL Services –

Includes Starter & Professional package PLUS:

Whole School TEAMology Integration

All educators will have access to the curriculum platform (yearly subscription). School wide printed materials are included.

Quarterly Check-Ins

Virtual meetings with the Core TEAM and TEAMology to discuss progress.

Strategic Support

We will partner with your core team to give you the best customized strategy based on your unique needs. 

Professional Development Options

More workshops can be added onto any package or booked as a stand alone service. 

Trauma Informed SEL Approach Professional Development

Trauma Informed SEL Approach

Every student and teacher is experiencing some level of trauma due to current challenges. Learn what this will mean for this school year and how a focus on relationships can help us all persevere through these challenging times.

Incorporating SEL Into the School Day Professional Development

Incorporating SEL Into the School Day

Social and Emotional skills are crucial during normal times, but critical now that we are facing unprecedented challenges. In order for educators not to feel overwhelmed with having to add one more thing to their plate, they need easy practical tips to integrate these skills into what they are already doing.

Strategies to Bolster Resilience in Students Professional Development

Strategies to Bolster Resilience in Students

Now more than ever before, strong resilience is needed as a protective factor against challenges. Learn how to improve this crucial life skill for all students.

The Power of a Positive School Climate Professional Development

The Power of a Positive School Climate

A positive school climate is attained through the school’s culture, practices and language. Everyone needs to be on the same page, sending the same messages and using the same language to let all students know (whether in the building or learning virtually) they are part of one team working together to achieve common goals.

Inspiring Confident Problem Solvers with SEL

Lawnmower educators (and parents) can severely break down students’ self-efficacy and self-confidence. While solving students’ problems, in the moment, can save time and frustration, the long term implications are not worth it.

Acceptance and Anti-Bullying Professional Development

Acceptance & Anti-Bullying

Our students are listening. Make sure the messages you are giving them help them understand the need for everyone to be accepted for who they are regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, ability, religion, class or any perceived “difference”.

The Value of Mistakes and Failures Professional Development

The Value of Mistakes & Failures

“If you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You are doing things you have never done before, and more importantly, you are doing something.” Neil Gaiman

Empathy and Helping Others Professional Development

Empathy & Helping Others

Our world is more divided than ever before. Being intentional about teaching empathy and looking out for those in need shouldn’t just be part of the conversation, it should BE the conversation.

Breaking Down Silos: Integrating SEL and Career Readiness Professional Development

Breaking Down Silos: Integrating SEL & Career Readiness

Educators are teaching students to prepare them for their futures. It only makes sense that academics and SEL (the skills needed to be successful in careers) be intertwined with career readiness on a daily basis. If not, we are doing our students a disservice.

Building Students' Leadership Muscles Professional Development

Building Students’ Leadership Muscles

Student leadership is fundamental to a positive school climate and making sure all students are adequately prepared for their futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEAMology’s Social & Emotional Learning Services can be Tailored to fit Any School or District. 

What is the Ruby Bot Screening?

The Ruby Bot Screening is our brand-new, AI-enabled tool to measure students’ resilience levels. Reach more about it here.

Can we change the professional development topic?

Yes! No school is the same and you can choose any PD topic that fits your school the best.

What if I don't want to do a school-wide implementation?

While we highly encourage a full school-wide implementation, we know that’s not always possible to begin with. Our plans give you the flexibility to get your teachers and students started and a way to scale up easily.

Do you only provide curriculum?

While we are widely known for a robust, cloud-based curriculum for teachers to use, TEAMology is a full-service SEL company. We want to make sure that everyone is getting the best social and emotional services possible.

Still have questions?

Our school saw major changes not just in fewer disruptions, but better test scores.

-Elementary Principal

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