Do you need help teaching social emotional skills to your students? Do you only have a few minutes?

Cards in the House

This is a deck of 152 cards designed to spark discussion and allow students to explore social and emotional learning skills in a relatable way. Participating in these conversations and activities will help students understand the value and significance of teamwork and leadership in their lives. This understanding can create a more positive school climate, where everyone in the school comes together to work toward common language, goals, and team-oriented experiences. These cards provide an easy way to integrate SEL into daily activities. Using Project TEAM is not necessary to use these cards!

As you might expect, the cards are divided into our six SEL foundations:



Helping Others


Problem Solving

Positive Changes

All cards laid out

Ways to use Cards in the House:

  • Morning meeting discussions
  • Guidance small-group sessions
  • Lunch groups
  • 5 minutes before recess, end of the day, or other “down” time
  • FlipGrid discussion questions (ask us about this if you’re not familiar with FlipGrid)

Please let us know how many packs you’d like – we’re working on a bulk order. 

$12.99 per pack – shipping in mid-May.

I’d like to pre-order some of these!

They are also divided by type of question:

  • TEAM Dream: Students use forward thinking approaches to discuss topics and/or future goals.
  • TEAM Work: Students work together to solve a task, activity, and/or riddle.
  • TEAM Fill-it-in: Student finish the statement, sentence, and/or fill-in-the-blank.
  • TEAM Media: Students Relate concepts of the Project TEAM foundations to TV, movies, and/or videos.
  • TEAM Reads: Students relate the concepts of the TEAM foundations to books
  • TEAM Talk: Students discuss concepts of the foundations in groups.
  • TEAM Trivia: Students relate the concepts of the TEAM foundations to what they learn about in other subject areas.
  • TEAM Tunes: Students relate the concepts of the TEAM foundations to songs, lyrics, and/or come up with group chants.

Documented impact of Project TEAM


INCREASE in positive school culture


DECREASE in defiant behavior


INCREASE in test scores


DECREASE in disruptive behavior incidents


DECREASE in aggressive incidents